Martin Horowitz

Martin Horowitz, the Founder of Peace Prayer Bowls has been active in peace, spiritual and self realization efforts since his college years during the Vietnam War.  He graduated from the University of Florida in Gainesville with a Bachelor of Economics Degree.  He worked for a cable television company during the early days of that industry before relocating to Aspen, Colorado where he started his career as a successful building contractor.  It was his outside pursuits which mirrored the central quest in his life, to find a deeper meaning beyond the rewards of the material world.  With the practice of and eventually teaching yoga, he found himself in the personal growth movement where he worked with some of the greats in the field of psychology and personal growth, including Yogi Bhahjan, Werner Erhard, Stewart Emery, Albert Ellis, Rudolph Dreiker and Bill Reidler. Martin has been a counselor and peace activist since. He says, “I believed the songs” referring to the optimistic songs of the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. 

He has been a yoga teacher, work for Werner Erhardt at EST, and is currently an instructor for Global Seminars, a self awareness program that shows how all people are connected through their feeling for which he has conducted seminars around the United States, in Europe including the former Soviet Union, and to Israel where he experienced both sides of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. 

In his travels, he has learned that all humanity wants peace in their hearts and in their daily lives. Peace is the natural restful state and that once upset from this place people will strive to return to it in their personal lives, within their relationships with the loved ones and family and the world around them.
Having this simple bowl and saying the prayer: Eat in Peace has slowly transformed his life and he believes its use can change the world.

JoLynn Watson

JoLynn Watson grew up in the small town of White Dear, Texas where she excelled in music and community service.  After graduating from White Dear High School she married her childhood sweetheart.  They had a successful oilfield pipeline business and were blessed with two wonderful children, Josalyn and Shelton.

 JoLynn’s life changed one morning when, as the manager at the local community swimming pool she went below to light the pools heating boiler. There was a gas leak that ignited causing third degree burns over 50% of her body. Doctors at the Dallas Burn Center gave her only a 14% chance of survival.

JoLynn’s courage and determination to survive for her children allowed her to experience her inner strength.   Her struggle and determination to overcome this event brought her in closer touch with the idea that ultimately life had a higher calling.

She began to spread the word of her new vision about courage, the spiritual nature of life, and being positive against all odds.  She volunteered to speak to students in high schools and colleges in Western Texas giving presentations about how her ordeal changed her life for the better. 

JoLynn and Martin share the vision of world peace and have dedicated their lives to help bring peace to the world.

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